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Have you recently been accused of a criminal offense? A conviction can derail your life. While the prosecution is gathering evidence against you, don't wait to contact a skilled criminal defense attorney in the Boise, ID area. Jim Ball, Attorney at Law PA will use all available resources and extensive court experience to uphold your rights.

Jim has been practicing law for over 20 years as a dedicated criminal defense attorney and DUI attorney in the Boise, ID area. As a former Deputy Ada County Prosecuting Attorney, he knows how the prosecution operates and uses this knowledge to give you the best defense possible. In this difficult and confusing time, you need an attorney who will fight for you. Jim Ball, Attorney at Law PA will build a strong case.

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Top 10 ranking as an Idaho Criminal Defense Attorney by the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys

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Get legal representation for a wide range of criminal offenses.

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Defend your rights against unfair or unsound drunk driving charges.

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The consequences of criminal charges can be severe and will affect your future in profound ways. When choosing a criminal defense attorney, you need to know they have the skills and dedication to defend your rights. Jim Ball, Attorney at Law PA has a wide range of awards and credentials to consider, including:

Top 10 ranking as an Idaho Criminal Defense Attorney by the
National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys
Perfect 10.0 superb rating by AVVO
Preeminent AV Rating in Martindale Hubble for
both legal ability and ethical standards

Jim has tried over 50 cases, and has argued multiple cases in the United States Court of Appeals, Idaho Supreme Court and the Idaho Court of Appeals. He also serves on the Board of Directors for Make-A-Wish Idaho and the Ada County Domestic Violence Committee.

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Attorneys often get a bad rap. They are sometimes considered arrogant, uncaring, in it for the money, etc. And there may be some in this category., but Jim Ball isn't even on that planet. He is a very down to Earth man that happens to have a firm grasp of all things legal. For his level of expertise, he is worth every penny. (Which isn't even close to top dollar.) If you Google him, you will find all the amazing organizations he is affiliated with. Quality lawyer! Quality human being! Highly recommend!


When Jim Ball agreed to represent me, the criminal charges against me seemed to be a guaranteed slam-dunk victory for the Prosecutor. However, as he listened (and I mean HE TRULY LISTENED!) to what I was saying, he realized my Constitutional rights had been violated. Jim used his experience of having once been an Ada County Prosecutor to accurately predict the strategy that we'd be up against and he set into motion a powerful defense. In all honesty, it was as if Jim walked into the courtroom with a shotgun and blew giant holes in all of the accusations that were made against me. Because of Jim's knowledge of the law, his experience with both sides of the legal process, and his attention to details, all the evidence against me was suppressed and I walked safely away! Most importantly, I want it known that I was ill with concern when I learned that Jim actually knew and had worked with some of the detectives who had violated my rights during their pursuit of justice. I wondered if I'd be defended up to the boundaries of those friendships; yet when Jim set foot in that courtroom he did not hold back one millimeter. Looking back now it seems surreal, when I think about how angry the Judge was after Jim's masterful presentation of my case, I couldn't help but giggle. THAT ALONE is worth twice what I paid Jim to protect my freedom!


Jim Ball is, without a doubt, one of the best attorneys in all of Boise. When I got my DUI in June 2011, I was embarrassed, humiliated, and felt like a deer in headlights. Two days later, I was introduced to Jim Ball and I am so glad he was able to defend my DUI case. Jim is a very effective communicator; a great listener, and he cared about my needs. If you are in need of an excellent defense attorney, look NO further.


Jim was recommended to us as the best defense attorney in Boise - and he is. Thanks Jim, for handling my case with such commitment, loyalty, and expertise. Your dedication to achieving the best outcome for me has protected me from what could have been a tremendously complicated and unfortunate situation. I am lucky to have had such a good attorney.


Present practice areas

Jim's present practice includes criminal defense for state and federal misdemeanor and felony crimes. He focuses on criminal cases including DUI defense cases, representing juvenile offenders and appealing criminal cases to both the Idaho appellate courts and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. He is an accomplished DUI attorney with countless successful defenses.

Jim strives to maintain the highest ethical standards while providing the absolute best representation for his clients. Call him today at 208-424-3377 to discuss your criminal charges and start building a defense in the Boise, ID area.

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