When Jim Ball agreed to represent me, the criminal charges against me seemed to be a guaranteed slam-dunk victory for the Prosecutor. However, as he listened (and I mean HE TRULY LISTENED!) to what I was saying, he realized my Constitutional rights had been violated. Jim used his experience of having once been an Ada County Prosecutor to accurately predict the strategy that we'd be up against and he set into motion a powerful defense. In all honesty, it was as if Jim walked into the courtroom with a shotgun and blew giant holes in all of the accusations that were made against me. Because of Jim's knowledge of the law, his experience with both sides of the legal process, and his attention to details, all the evidence against me was suppressed and I walked safely away! Most importantly, I want it known that I was ill with concern when I learned that Jim actually knew and had worked with some of the detectives who had violated my rights during their pursuit of justice. I wondered if I'd be defended up to the boundaries of those friendships; yet when Jim set foot in that courtroom he did not hold back one millimeter. Looking back now it seems surreal, when I think about how angry the Judge was after Jim's masterful presentation of my case, I couldn't help but giggle. THAT ALONE is worth twice what I paid Jim to protect my freedom!


Boise, Idaho

Jim Ball is, without a doubt, one of the best attorneys in all of Boise. When I got my DUI in June 2011, I was embarrassed, humiliated, and felt like a deer in headlights. Two days later, I was introduced to Jim Ball and I am so glad he was able to defend my DUI case. Jim is a very effective communicator; a great listener, and he cared about my needs. If you are in need of an excellent defense attorney, look NO further.


Boise, Idaho

Jim was recommended to us as the best defense attorney in Boise - and he is. Thanks Jim, for handling my case with such commitment, loyalty, and expertise. Your dedication to achieving the best outcome for me has protected me from what could have been a tremendously complicated and unfortunate situation. I am lucky to have had such a good attorney.


Portland, Oregon

Jim Ball helped me through a difficult case I found myself in. He was always available when I needed someone to talk to about the case and what was going through my mind at the time. He was quick to respond to my inquiries via email or phone. Jim was great at keeping me apprised of the developments in my case and how things were progressing. My family and I really appreciated how he helped us through a very difficult legal process, a situation none of us had been through before.

When it came down to get my case finalized I had full faith in Jim and what he had worked out with the prosecutor's office. Not once did I doubt his professionalism. He was always working and keeping my best interests in the forefront in all of my legal proceedings. If I ever find myself in another legal bind (hopefully not), Jim will be the person I call to help my through the gauntlet of our legal system.


Boise, Idaho

With a very unpleasant situation, I had the pleasure of working with Jim Ball. My 11th grade child had gotten into a little trouble outside of school, and a friend recommended that I call Jim. From the first telephone conversation I felt so comfortable having Jim represent my daughter with this most unfortunate incident!!! I had called his office, left a message (thinking how many days will it be to get a return phone call), and I remember Jim calling me back very promptly!! We discussed briefly what had happened (but not in any way rushed) and made an appointment for my daughter and I to meet at his office. When speaking with my daughter, Jim spoke to her as an equal, listened to her, and made sure she understood everything that was happening.

The case was settled much in our favor; I am sure it could not have gone any better for my daughter!!! Jim was a true professional to work with, if he was not available to answer my call, it was always returned promptly. He explained everything to my daughter and me so that it was very clear, and always asked us if we had any questions. I am grateful for the recommendation to Jim Ball and I highly recommend him to anyone with any legal needs!!


Boise, Idaho

In early 2010, I found myself confronted with a serious legal matter. I was referred to the law firm of Manweiler, Breen, Ball & Davis, and in particular, Mr. James K. Ball, J.D. During our first meeting, Mr. Ball listed attentively and empathetically to my situation. He knew I was very confused and upset. He assured me that my worst fears could be addressed and dealt with in a manner that would deliver me the best possible outcome.

In a brief amount of time, he advised me of my options and then provided a short synopsis of the direction we should take as a team to immediately and effectively confront my legal problem. As I left his office I felt greatly relieved and knew that I'd found a very compassionate and highly capable legal counselor who'd diligently fight for me.

Throughout the duration of my case, I found Jim to be extremely knowledgeable and professional with respect to his actions in the courtroom. He is a very considerate, prompt, friendly, and ethical attorney. In the end, he was able to deliver me a very favorable result to my legal situation. I would highly recommend that if anyone finds themselves faced with a severe legal difficulty, their best bet is to contact Mr. James K. Ball, J.D., without hesitation. As one of Boise's finest attorneys I can assure you that he will do everything within his abilities and powers to remedy your legal situation.


Boise, Idaho

Dear Jim,
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with you and your support with my legal needs. The service provided by your law firm, and by you in particular, during a difficult time in my life was remarkable.

Your service from start to finish was exemplary and on a professional, knowledgeable, yet friendly level that far exceeded my expectations. At no time did you make me feel that I or my case needs were too much trouble or an imposition. I was made to feel unique and never felt that I was just one of the many clients that you and your office had to deal with each day.

When I encounter people with similar situations or even very different legal requirements- it is ALWAYS my pleasure to give my wholehearted and raving recommendations to you and your firm. I cannot express enough to them that my experience was such a breath of fresh air, in which I now have come to rely on and trust 100%.

I have unwavering faith in knowing that you will do the very best job you can at all times. Even at a very scary & traumatic time in my life, it was incredibly easy to look across the table while appreciating how comforting you are and recognizing how astonishing and convincing you are, in combination with being the most trustworthy I have ever encountered in any lawyer. AMAZING!

To all seeking the very best lawyer, I would highly recommend Jim Ball for any / all legal requirements you may have. If he cannot for whatever reason assist with your particular legal needs, I know he can recommend and / or will assist in finding the right person for you.
Thanks again Jim!


Boise, ID